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Zancope Notary YouTube Channel

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In case you weren’t aware of it, Zancope Notary has a YouTube Channel with several videos on different topics. Here is a transcript of the video below on what happens with the annual property tax when you purchase real estate during the tax year. Question:…

What Is a Wills Notice Search?

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After you make your will, you might think it is automatically filed with the government. In fact, the will document itself is not filed anywhere. Rather, it remains private until the death of the will maker. To keep track of wills in British Columbia, the…

Who Can Notarize a Document in Canada?

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A notarized affidavit is a document that contains a sworn statement of facts, signed by the statement maker in the presence of a trusted licensed professional. Affidavits have legal clout, and can be used as evidence in court. Affidavits can be used for different purposes…

Power of Attorney for Snowbirds

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Going South for the winter?  Escaping the cold Canadian Winter?  Have all your legal documents in place. Everyone knows they need a will for when they pass away.  And medical insurance is a great idea, especially for the older generations.  Less people know that they…