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How Can a Notary Help With Medical and Health Care Planning

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Medical and Health care planning involves thinking about and documenting your wishes for future medical care. The process can be challenging, but it will ensure that your requests are legally binding.

There are 2 documents in BC that deal with this:

·        Advance Directive

·        Representation Agreement (used to be called Living Will)

The Importance of Medical and Health Care Planning

Medical and Health care planning lets you dictate what type of medical treatment you want in the future if you become incapable of making your own choices. Most people only consider incapacity due to aging, but a stroke or a car accident can happen at any age, leaving us temporarly incabable. After we recover our capacity, the document goes back to a stand by mode again.

How to Create an Medical and Health Care Plan

Creating an Medical and Health Care Plan needs to be done ahead of time while you are still of sound mind. The first and most important step is planning. Contact a legal professional that specializes in Personal and Esttate Planning documents, like Zancope Notary and set up the initial consultation to get it started.

How Does a Notary Assist With Medical and Health Care Planning?

When you sign an advance directive document or a Representation Agreement in the presence of a notary public, they will verify your identity and witness your signature, and ensure the document complies with the current legislation to be a valid document when needed. When you try to do it yourself with a kit you got, no one has verified if the legal requirements are present and when needed, the document may be considered invalid. At that point it will be too late to get a proper document done.

Zancope Notary Services offers professional notary services to help you with your Medical and Health care planning. Contact us today with any questions you have or to get started.

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