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Why a Will Is Important at Any Age

Why a Will Is Important at Any Age

Why a Will Is Important at Any Age

Posted by Flavia Zancope in Wills & Personal Planning 27 Apr 2021

A Will is important for everyone to have at any age. If one dies without a will, that is called dying “intestate,” and there are laws (WESA) that govern what will happen to any of your assets or minor children, but how it plays out may not be what you want or intend.

Here are a few reasons why a Will is important at any age:

Minor Children

Preparing a Will is how you designate who you would want to look after your children if you were not around.


Only with a valid Will can you be in charge of who gets what and what special gifts you may want to leave for relatives or close friends.


It is in the Will that you designate who will look after your estate. If you do not have a Will, then a next of kin to you will need to apply to court to be appointed an administrator of your estate.

Those Left Behind

When people die intestate, there is often a real hassle for those left behind: the children and heirs. It is an act of kindness for those around you to prepare a Will in advance that considers exactly what you want and leave clear instructions to avoid conflict as much as you can.

Whether you are young or old, it is helpful to have a Will. It helps everyone who will be a beneficiary to your estate.

We hope we have inspired you to write a Will, and if you need help with its preparation or estate planning, please feel free to contact us as this is our area of expertise.

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