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Virtual Appointment / Remote Signing

Virtual Appointment / Remote Signing

Posted by Flavia Zancope in News 09 Jul 2020

At Zancope Notary Public, we love technology. We make sure we are always using it to improve our customer’s experience. ZNP is

one of the most modern Notary Offices. We are always ready to offer our clients the best in technology and convenience. Currently (July 2020), this translates in doing virtual appointments or remote signing for buying, selling, or refinancing paperwork.

Initial Consultation

We have always offered the option for your clients to have their first appointments remotely. They can use any technology they prefer: Skype, Zoom, Face time. You name it. The main services traditionally done this way were:

  • Notary Consultation
  • Wills 1st meeting
  • Power of Attorney or Representation Agreement initial meeting

Clients would schedule their time and instead of coming to the office, we would connect online (or over the phone, if preferred).

Signing appointment for those services required an in-person meeting. Currently with COVID situation, we could do remote signing, but it is better to discuss on a case by case situation.

Real Estate Purchase, Sale or Refinance

Land Title Office has approved on a temporary basis the remote signing / virtual appointment. That is for signing documents to buy, sell or refinance a real estate property. That is a game changer! Save your commute time and sign from the comfort of your home or office. We have done several appointments this way and it works perfectly. Full disclosure, it does require more work on our end, but we love technology so much that we don’t mind.

To set up a virtual appointment of any kind, just call, text or email us and we can do the rest! Don’t forget that we also offer two options for signing documents: Langley (main office) and Port Moody (by appt only).