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Zancope Notary YouTube Channel Part 3

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Zancope Real Estate Videos

In case you weren’t aware of it, Zancope Notary has a YouTube Channel with several videos on different topics. We have transcribed some videos for you before.

For example, we have a video on what happens to annual property tax when you do a real estate transaction mid-year, and another video on whether you need a notary for a real estate transaction if you don’t use a realtor.

Today, we’ll transcribe a new video from our channel.

The transcript, below, of the video below it, talks about what happens when you use a notary for refinancing.

Question: What is the next step after I book my appointment with a notary for my refinance?

Answer: So, after we have booked you for signing appointment for your refinance, if you could gather all the statements, if you know that you need to pay off some debts, as required by your new lender, it would be great if you could send us a statement, even if it’s an old statement. I don’t care what the amount is on the statement.

All I’m looking for would be the account number, your name, and the name and address of where we need to send payments for that financial institution.

So, if you can send us a statement for each of the accounts that we will be paying in terms of debts on your behalf, that will be great. Also, for your appointment, itself, I’ll need you to bring two pieces of ID, at least one having a picture—like a driver’s license or a passport—a secondary could be anything, like a credit card, as long as it has your full legal name.

And that’s about it, and I’ll see you then.


If you would like to watch more of our videos, just head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe to it. Let us know if there are videos on specific topics that you would like us to make for you.

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