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New Team Member – Christine

New Team Member – Christine

Posted by Flavia Zancope in HR, News 30 Oct 2017

We at Zancope Notary Public are thrilled to welcome Christine Elliot, our new legal assistant.

Christine Elliot

To our team, Christine brings her professional qualifications, knowledge, and experience as a legal assistant and conveyancer, along with her excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Christine has become proficient completing a range of legal administration duties during her career. She’s drafted and managed the various documents associated with real estate transactions and financing.

In addition to being an efficient and knowledgeable administrator, Christine is highly regarded for her interpersonal skills, which she honed through serving clients and corresponding with lenders, notaries, realtors, property managers, barristers, and other legal professionals.

Our office will benefit from Christine’s familiarity with office procedures, record keeping, and bookkeeping within the specific context of legal offices, as well as her strong computer skills.

We look forward to working with Christine and we know our clients will appreciate her timely and friendly correspondence, and efficient understanding of real estate procedures and documents.